Dr. Michael S. Mazzola has over ten years experience with technical entrepreneurship and university affiliated spin outs. He was a co-founder of SemiSouth Laboratories, Inc, which is a Mississippi based start up company that manufactures silicon carbide power transistors for high-temperature and highefficiency applications. From 2005 through August of 2007 he served as Vice President for Technology and Chief Technology Officer at SemiSouth. Under his leadership, millions of dollars of government and private funding were invested in technology development and intellectual property that enabled SemiSouth to bring its industry leading enhancementmode junction field effect transistor products to market over the past two years. After returning as a tenured professor within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Mississippi State University, he co-founded his current company iMPOWER Systems, Inc where he serves as President and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Mazzola has a technical and business background in power semiconductor devices and test equipment related to power electronics and their application in energy efficient systems such as inverters for solar energy and hybrid electric vehicles. Dr. Mazzola has been awarded 8 patents, and is a licensed professional engineer.

James R. (Jim) Gafford has more than five years of experience in advanced power electronics research and development as a senior research engineer at Mississippi State University's (MSU) Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS). Within the center his research interests have been focused primarily on mobile power conditioning and electric propulsion systems. Mr. Gafford has a long standing relationship with Semi-South laboratories Inc. This relationship has provided access to the most advanced Silicon Carbide semiconductor devices. As a result he has a great deal of experience designing systems employing the unique properties of state of the art technologies such as Silicon Carbide. In addition to university research his focused interests in high power density design has resulted in commercialization opportunities. These ventures have afforded experience in reducing laboratory concepts into practical applications and are the impetus behind his interest in founding iMPOWER Systems with Dr Mazzola. Prior to his position at CAVS Mr. Gafford worked and studied as a Graduate Research Assistant in the MSU department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and as an engineer intern in Avionics Engineering at FedEx in Memphis, TN.

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